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Board Chairman Bob Mazaika with Chad Wable, President & CEO

Monsignor Coleman
“From the volunteers to the staff and everyone in the hospital—people deal with one another as a family. People really do care. That’s what makes Saint Mary’s different.” – Rev. Monsignor James G. Coleman, Vice Chairman (pictured)

Lynnette Piombo of our FOundation Board, and Jim Smith, Saint Mary's Health System Board of Directors

Board Member Jim Uberti, MD, and Corporator Jerry Sugar, MD, with Chad Wable, President & CEO

Board of Directors

The individuals who serve on the Board of Directors of Saint Mary’s Hospital and Saint Mary’s Health System are valued, trusted and respected members of our community. Their leadership and dedication continue to shape our progress.


Robert Mazaika, Chairman
The Rev. Monsignor James G. Coleman, Vice Chairman
Chad W. Wable, President
Stephen R. Griffin, Esq., Secretary
Joseph Carlson II, Treasurer


Eric Albert
S. Mark Albini, M.D.
Garrett Casey
Robert Gumbardo, M.D.
Michael Karnasiewicz, M.D.
Angela Mattie
Joseph Mengacci, Esq.
Michael O’Brien
Richard Pugh
A. Aziz Richi, MD, Chief of Staff
Felix Rodriguez
Robert Roscoe
James C. Smith
Christine Sullivan, Esq.
James Uberti, M.D.


Burton Albert
J. Robert Anthony, M.D.
The Reverend Thomas J. Barry, J.C.L.
Nancy Culos
Robert Finkenzeller
Sister Sally Hodgdon
Robert Lenkowski (posthumously)
William Morris
David Robinson
Jerome Sugar, M.D.
Edmund White
Linda Wihbey, Esq.