Community Benefits

“Even though science and technology contribute remarkably to patient care, people continue to be the most important element in the hospital.” - Sister Margaret Rosita Kenny, former president (1985 – 2001)

Saint Mary’s Hospital has been caring for the Greater Waterbury community for over a century. As a not-for-profit, community teaching hospital Saint Mary’s never forgets why we have remained such a thriving part of Greater Waterbury. Our talented physicians, dedicated board members, compassionate staff and volunteers, and generous Foundation make it possible for us to provide exceptional care to every patient every day.

Committed to Charity Care

Saint Mary’s was founded under the Catholic tradition of charity, and continues to uphold an unwavering commitment to compassionate, spiritually enriched care for all. The hospital defines “charity care” as those services provided to uninsured or self-pay patients at reduced or discounted rates. An uninsured patient is eligible to receive charity care if he or she has applied and been denied eligibility for any medical or healthcare coverage provided under any Medicaid program, is not eligible for coverage under Medicare, Tricare or any other federal programs or privately sponsored health or accident insurance and is liable for one or more hospital charges.

Every year Saint Mary’s Health System contributes millions of dollars in benefits to the Greater Waterbury community. According to the Catholic Health Association of the United States “community benefits are programs and services designed to improve health in communities and increase access to healthcare.” To qualify as a community benefit, programs or activities must respond to a demonstrated health-related community need and seek to achieve at least one of the following objectives:

  • Improving access to health services
  • Enhancing the health of the community
  • Advancing knowledge
  • Relieving or reducing the burden on government or others

Since Saint Mary’s provides services in a designated Medically Underserved Area, many of our community benefit programs focus on prevention and outreach. Saint Mary’s programs, services and support groups are just a few of the benefits focused on helping Waterbury residents live healthier, happier lives. Following are a sampling of the many community benefits offered through Saint Mary’s Health System.

Saint Mary's CARE Policy and Bed Fund

Saint Mary's CARE Policy

The Financial Assistance procedures are designed to assist individuals who qualify for less than full coverage under Federal, State and Local Medical Assistance Programs, but whom residual “self-pay” balances exceed their ability to pay. Download the full CARE Policy.

Saint Mary's Financial Assistance

Saint Mary’s Hospital provides financial assistance to patients who qualify for Bed Funds or other financial assistance programs. If you are uninsured, or otherwise unable to pay all or part of your medical bills, you may qualify for the hospital’s financial assistance through the Bed Fund. Download the full Bed Fund summary.

Community Health Centers

Saint Mary’s community health centers including The Children’s Center and The Family Health Center provide services to all patients, regardless of insurance. With more than 50,000 patient visits per year, Saint Mary’s is able to help all Waterbury families access the health care they need.

Free Cancer Screenings

Darlene Eason headshot

Meet Our Community Health Worker

Darlene L. Eason has joined our Family Health Center staff and the Connecticut Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program in a new role as Community Health Worker

Read More

Saint Mary’s provides free breast and cervical cancer screenings, along with diagnostic testing and treatment referral services to uninsured and underinsured women age 40 or older, as the only site in Waterbury to administer the Connecticut Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program. In addition, Saint Mary’s is one of 7 healthcare facilities offering free colorectal cancer screenings to uninsured and underinsured patients ages 50 to 64 under the state Department of Public Health’s Colorectal Cancer Control Program.

Healthcare on the Move

Every week Saint Mary’s physicians and nurses volunteer their expertise to the Malta House of Care’s mobile healthcare van, which brings healthcare services directly to uninsured patients in the Waterbury community.

Community Health Programs

With the help of community funds, Saint Mary’s Hospital addresses specific community health needs though a wide variety of special services such as:

  • The Easy Breathing Program – a community-based approach to managing asthma in children.
  • The Early Childhood Obesity Prevention Program – a program aimed at promoting healthy weight in children.
  • Food Assistance at Saint Mary’s Child Development Center – where children living in poverty are able to enjoy free healthy lunches and snacks.

For more information on area health needs, please see the Community Health Needs Assessment page.

About Our Mission Committee

When you enter Saint Mary’s Hospital, you will immediately notice the warm, attentive nature of our staff. Saint Mary’s Mission Committee extends this commitment to service beyond our doors and out into the community. This group of dedicated employees is continually involved in outreach efforts aimed at helping others. Hospital staff support the committee’s efforts by donating food, toiletries and other personal care items to the St. Vincent de Paul Society in Waterbury. This is just one example of the great work they do.

Shaping the Next Generation of Healthcare Providers

As a community teaching hospital, Saint Mary’s is fully committed to educating the next generation of healthcare providers. Our expert dental and medical faculty and caring staff dedicate countless hours helping our medical, surgical and dental residents advance to the next level of their healthcare careers. Our Allied Health programs also provide valuable training for local high school students, often leading to careers in healthcare that support the community’s needs.

And Much More, Thanks to Your Support!

The community benefits provided by Saint Mary’s Hospital would not be possible without the generous support of our dedicated physicians, nurses, staff, volunteers and community partners. To learn more about how we all work together to serve Greater Waterbury, please also visit:

Saint Mary's Hospital files a Form 990 on an annual basis. To request a copy of the form, contact the Finance Manager at 203-709-6111.