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Published on January 07, 2014

Saint Mary’s Hospital Performs Region’s First Robotic Assisted Surgery Using Firefly™ Technology

WATERBURY, Conn. (January 7, 2014) ─ Dr. J. Alexander Palesty, a surgical oncologist with The Breast & Oncology Center in Southbury and Director, Program in Surgery at Saint Mary’s Hospital, recently performed the region’s first robotic-assisted surgery using the Firefly™ fluorescence imaging system at Saint Mary’s.

Dr. J. Alexander Palesty - Firefly Firefly technology works seamlessly with the da Vinci Robotic Surgical System to provide real-time, image-guided identification of key anatomical landmarks using near infrared technology.

“It allows us to see structures and areas of the anatomy that are otherwise invisible to the surgeon,” said Dr. Philip Corvo, Chairman, Department of Surgery at Saint Mary’s Hospital. In gallbladder surgery, for example, Firefly helps to illuminate the precise location of the various branches of the biliary tree, enhancing safety and visualization of the surgical site.

Dr. Palesty performed the first robotic-assisted colon resection using the da Vinci system with the new Firefly technology in December. “With the new system, we inject a dye that lights up certain areas, which we can see using a fluoroscopic camera. For the colon surgery, it helps us to see the blood supply to the specific area of the colon that we want to resect,” Dr. Palesty explained.

Additional procedures, including robotic-assisted gallbladder procedures with Firefly technology, have also been performed at Saint Mary’s.

Saint Mary’s is the region’s leader in robotic-assisted surgery and one of the largest programs in New England, with 26 experienced surgeons on staff. To date, Saint Mary’s has performed more single incision, robotic-assisted gallbladder surgeries than any other Connecticut hospital, so more patients are seeing virtually scarless results. For more information about robotic-assisted surgery at Saint Mary’s, visit



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