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Your Hospital Stay

Your Hospital Stay

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Each member of your Saint Mary’s care team focuses on providing you with a positive hospital experience. With careful attention to your safety, comfort and overall care, they provide exceptional care for every patient, every day.

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Following are examples of the care and attention you can expect during your hospital stay.

  • Expert Physicians / Hospitalists - During your hospital stay your care will be coordinated by a Hospitalist, a doctor who specializes in internal medicine. The vast majority of our community physicians—more than 80 percent—choose Saint Mary’s hospitalists to provide care and treatment for their patients in the hospital.
  • Complimentary Care Items – Upon admission to the hospital, you will receive a tote bag filled with personal care items for your stay including a basin, toothbrush, toothpaste and soap.
  • Communication & Education Tools – You also will receive a folder that you can use to store important papers, a note pad and pen to write down questions for your care team, a medication information card to list your prescriptions and any allergies you may have, information on our patient satisfaction survey, and a copy of our patient magazine, Thrive.
  • Ongoing Updates – In your room you’ll see a white communication board where your care team will share important information with you and your family members. This information includes your goals for the day, a pain scale, plan of care and the names of your caregivers (updated every shift).  
  • Personal Attention – Every hour a member of your care team will check in with you to make sure you are comfortable.
  • Spiritual Support – During your stay you will be visited by members of Pastoral Care who provide spiritual care for all patients and their families regardless of creed. 
  • Daily Cleaning – A housekeeper will clean your bathroom daily to ensure that you have a clean, safe and healthy environment throughout your stay.
  • Additional Comforts – Forget something from home? Your care team can supply items such as shampoo, dental floss, razors, lotion, denture care items, contact solution, contact cases, lip balm, nail files, note cards, reading glasses, playing cards, puzzle books, and more from our Comfort Cabinet. In addition, the Auxiliary Gift Shop carries a variety of convenient items to brighten your hospital stay.

Tips for Patients & Visitors

Your care is in our capable hands, but here are some tips you and your visitors can follow to make your stay more enjoyable: 

  • Visiting Hours – Visitors are encouraged to visit between 11 AM - 8 PM. When visits must occur outside those times, visitors are asked to use the Main Entrance off Franklin Street.
  • A Quiet Environment – Quiet hours officially begin at 9 PM. Since a peaceful, quiet environment is essential for healing, we always take efforts to minimize noise. Eye masks and earplugs are available, and you can request a headset to watch TV without disturbing other patients.
  • Phone Use - To use the phone in your room, please press the “on” button. To place an outside call, dial “9” before the telephone number. 
  • WiFi - Free wireless internet is available in every hospital room (no password is required).
  • Safety Precautions – Your safety is always on our minds. Please wear slippers and use any required devices (canes or walkers) to assist you when getting out of bed, or use your call light to request assistance. Please also ask visitors to sanitize their hands before and after they visit.
  • A Spokesperson - It is helpful if you select a spokesperson, generally a trusted family member or friend, to help manage your care. That person can ask questions on your behalf and help make decisions based on your wishes. An advance directive form is also helpful for making your care decisions clear.

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