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Preparing for Surgery

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Check with your doctor for a referral or call us at 203-755-6663.

Thank you for selecting Naugatuck Valley Surgical Center (NVSC) for your upcoming surgery. The information that follows will guide you through some steps to help you prepare and ensure that things are easier for you the day of your surgery or procedure.

If you have additional questions, we are always here to help. Simply contact us at 203-755-6663.  


Your doctor’s office will call us to set up a date and time for your surgery or procedure. You will then receive the following forms (which can be downloaded by clicking the links below):

Please review and complete all forms to ensure that you are informed and that we have all of the information we need for your surgery. Then, mail (if time permits), fax or bring these forms with you the day of your procedure.

Before Your Surgery or Procedure

Two days before your surgery, a nurse from Naugatuck Valley Surgical Center will call you between 7 AM and 3 PM to confirm your appointment, give you your scheduled procedure time, complete a pre-operative questionnaire and answer any questions that you may have. If you are not available for that call, please contact the Center at 203-755-6663 and ask to speak to a pre-op nurse.

Your Child’s Surgery

We require that at least one parent or guardian remain at NVSC while your child is here. A parent or guardian must sign all consents for procedures if the child is under 18. Guardians must bring written proof of guardianship on the day of surgery. A family member’s presence is comforting, and you may stay with your child until he or she is taken into the operating room. You will be reunited almost immediately following surgery.

Calming Your Child’s Fears

Our caring staff is always attentive to your child’s needs, never leaving him or her alone. Still it is normal for your child (or you) to be uneasy about surgery. Following are tips to help make the surgery easier for your whole family:

  • Schedule a Tour - We welcome you to visit the center so you and your child will feel comfortable. You can look around as we answer any questions you may have. Once your surgery is scheduled, please contact us at 203-755-6663 to arrange for a tour.
  • Talk to Your Child - By encouraging your child to ask questions and explaining what will occur the day of the surgery, the child will be more at ease.
  • Stay With Your Child – Staying with your child helps him or her to feel safe, while also enabling you to fully understand and participate in your child’s care.

On the Day of Your Surgery or Procedure

  1. Please remember to bring your insurance information and personal identification with you. When you arrive at the center, you will be greeted by one of our Admitting Associates, who will obtain and verify your insurance information.
  2. A nurse will then escort you to your room in the pre-op area or the Gastro and Pain Unit (GAPU), where he or she will conduct a medical interview and assist you in getting ready for your procedure.
  3. If you are going to receive sedation or anesthesia, you will meet with an anesthesia provider who will also interview you and ask you questions related to your care.
  4. A Registered Nurse who will be assisting your doctor will then meet you and escort you to the operating room or procedure room.
  5. When your procedure is completed, you will return to the post-operative recovery area, in either the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) or GAPU. There our professional, attentive staff will care for all of your needs.

Following Your Surgery or Procedure

You will stay in our PACU or GAPU until your anesthesiologist and your physician determine that you are ready for discharge. At that time, your nurse will review your post-operative instructions with you and the person that you have designated as a responsible adult to accompany you home. You will also be given written post-operative instructions.

IMPORTANT: You must have a responsible adult drive you home from the surgical center and remain with you for 24 hours. After receiving any type of sedation, you should not drive for the next 24 hours. This is for your safety, as medications last in your blood stream longer than what you can actually feel. Our anesthesia department may cancel your surgery or procedure if you are unable to accommodate this requirement. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to call us at 203-755-6663.

24 Hours After Your Surgery or Procedure

One of our nurses will call you on the day after your surgery or procedure. Please be sure the center has updated contact information where you can be reached on that day so that your nurse can assist you and confirm you are recovering comfortably.

For more information on having surgery, see "Surgery: What to Expect" in our online health library.