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Bariatric Wellness and Exercise Program


How Do I Learn More?

To talk to one of our caregivers about the Bariatric Wellness Program, please contact us at 203-709-6202.

To get started, download the Bariatric Wellness Permission Form to bring to your doctor. This form provides the necessary written permission from your doctor you need to enroll in our program.

Weight-loss surgery is a life-changing decision that can pave the pathway for a better you. With the surgery, however, come alterations in lifestyle and behavior. The Bariatric Wellness Program at Saint Mary’s Hospital helps you reach your weight loss goals in an atmosphere that is comfortable and accepting.

A Two-Part Program with a Holistic Approach


Exercise is a very important component to any weight loss surgery. Staying active will help you get the most out of your procedure and help you with long term success.

Whether you had, or plan to have, gastric bypass, gastric banding, or vertical gastric sleeve surgery, exercise will help with increasing stamina, energy, strength and balance, as well as improving your emotional state and overall well-being.

Exercise can also boost your metabolism, provide motivation, and help you stay on track. The Bariatric Wellness Program’s hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:00 am to 8:30 am, and 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

The exercise program at Saint Mary’s Hospital is medically monitored. You can feel safe and at ease knowing you have registered nurses and exercise physiologists making sure you are getting the most out of every workout.

On your first visit, a program will be created with you based on your goals, your limitations, and your mindset. We start with low-impact exercise, light resistance training, and, if needed, balance training. We will increase at your pace until you are challenged and are seeing results.

Along the way, you’ll be with other weight loss surgery patients in a non-judging environment that is focused on making exercise fun and effective.


Bariatric TeamWe focus on the mind- body approach, which includes emotional support and education. In addition to your exercise, Saint Mary’s offers support groups, nutritional counseling and education. We will cover topics including nutrition, behavior changes, motivation, and exercise programming. Support groups meet monthly and provide topics geared toward short- and long-term success, post-procedure. You will be with other patients who have either been through the surgery or are preparing for the surgery.

How to Enroll

Joining the Bariatric Wellness and Exercise Program requires the permission of your physician. If you are a post-bariatric patient, you may obtain permission from your bariatric surgeon. If you are still pre-bariatric surgery, you may obtain permission from either your surgeon or your primary care doctor.

To obtain the necessary permission, simply download the Bariatric Wellness Permission Form, print it out, and bring it with you to your next appointment to discuss with your doctor. Once you have your doctor's permission, contact the Program at 203-709-6202 to make an appointment to visit the facility and meet the nurses and caregivers on staff, and begin your program.

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Still Have Questions?

For more information on our Bariatric Wellness Program, please contact us at 203-709-6202.